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The Sinusitis

Sinusitis, also known as a sinus infection or rhinosinusitis, is inflamation of the sinuses resulting in symptoms. Common symptoms include thick nasal mucus, a plugged nose, and pain in the face. Other signs and symptoms may include fever, headaches, poor sense of smell, sore throat, and cough. The cough is often worse at night. Serious complications are rare. It has been reported that it lasts for less than 4 weeks, and as chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS)
Sinusitis can cause infection, allergies, air pollution, or structural problems in the nose. Most cases are caused by a viral infection. A bacterial infection may be present if symptoms last longer than ten days or if a person worsens after starting to improve. Recurrent episodes are more likely to occur with asthma, cystic fibrosis, and poor immune function. X-rays are not typically required unless complications are suspected. In chronic cases confirmatory testing is recommended by either direct visualization or computed tomography.

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