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Orjinalini görmek için tıklayınız: Mulberry leaf and Bitter Melon Tablets
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Just over a year ago I started following the Low Carb food plan priciples. I had just had a hab1c of 72 and put on Metformin at 2000mg per day (had been Diet controlled for 5 years). I have had two consecutive hab1c 6 monthly readings of 46 and 42. The bitter Mellon capsules have definitely got a benefit as measured in an increase in my daily readings .

I have just been reading about Mulberry leaf capsules and wondered if anyone had tried them? I also wonder if they will be safe to take alongside the Bitter Mellon provided I monitor my readings? 

I am still taking the Metformin, but I think it will be a less impact than the bitter Mellon and if I get a 3rd low hab1c in April then the Doctor will discuss reducing or coming off them.

I have told the doctor and Nurse that I have a low carb plan and I have no negative reactions to the video course and I have to pay for the costs of the strips. I do not know what to do with the patient. I do not know what I mean.

Please help.


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